Research Update


Thanks for your interest!

I’ve had an overwhelming response today from all the tweets, messages and posts that have been sent out about my research into women’s experiences of the way men respond to them in public.

I really appreciate your interest and don’t want to lose your participation but it’s just taking a little bit longer than usual to respond to everyone.

Please bear with me as I get through all the responses, if anything this proves how important this issue is for us all.

If this is the first time you’ve come to this page, you can find out more through the About tab above or looking at my previous post ‘Have you ever experienced attention from a man you didn’t know in public?’




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  1. I’d be surprised if there some women who hadn’t experienced some form of harassment from men, at home in the workplace on the street etc etc”…………….

    • Hi Patricia – it really does seem that most women have, and that public places in particular are the most common, and most trivialised, of this kind of experience.

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